journal of a homeschooling mama

Here are a few of the highlights from our first week of school.  The girls are very much enjoying school and the flow and rhythm of our days at home.  And so am I for that matter. Willow has been surprising me from the moment she was born and continues to do so.  She who will not be tamed is thriving in our homeschooled world.  Chloe too loves every moment.  (And on another note, my camera has been dropped and my lens is broken so I have to use the telephoto lens for everything.  My camera is on its last legs too so my picture taking is slowing down, as is the frequency of my posts…)Untitled-1reading DSC_0401 handwork DSC_0451honeybees DSC_0431Fl crab spiderDSC_0395

Our curriculum is centered around storytelling.  Chloe does beeswax modeling based on the stories she hears.DSC_0392DSC_0348

This guy came cruising by while we were outside.DSC_0442DSC_0415



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