Lesson Planning

It’s finally hit me.  I am drowning in a swamp of lesson plans.  There is now only a sea of binders, CD’s, and files taunting me at all moments of the day.  Because when I’m not working on lesson plans I’m thinking about lesson plans.  It’s possible I’m being a bit dramatic here, but my goodness.  It’s also possible that in an effort to do this well, I’m being too organized.  But can you really be too organized at this?  I say, no.  You can not.  photo (1)

Because for every moment of disorganization in our homeschooling family of six, the fluidity of learning becomes less so.  That is not Enki (Enki is the god of water, for whom our homeschooling curriculum is named.  Said god is never mentioned in any other portion of the curriculum, however.  Water is a fluid motion, when running down stream with no abrupt stops or sudden movements.  This is the concept behind Enki Education.  One that creates fluidity and complete integration of all parts of the self during all parts of the day, allowing the child to become immersed in her world of wonder.  This creates a beautiful and (hopefully) complete learning experience.).  enki education lesson plans

All that to say that this is what I think about while trying to plan for the year.  I am so excited about our year!  I know we will have great adventures.  We will expand our minds while exploring our world.  We will make beautiful music with recorders.  We will sing songs and quote poems.  We will dive into new and exciting areas of speech and drama.  We will add, subtract, multiply, and divide and learn about our word families.  We will do beautiful artwork.  Nature stories and fairy tales will be at the core of our learning.  And we will happily traipse around our town, learning about different aspects of what makes a town work.  photo (3)

Maybe what I should really do is just relax and enjoy the ride.  Although, I am the driver of this particular ride…and I need to get my map together. 😉  And yes, this is what my pile of binders looks like after working for an hour.  I’m sure it could be worse!



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