take one Lime and call me in the morning

I’ve had a headache for 3 days–3 days during VBS week at our church.  Yikes!  Today I was feeling like enough was enough of this crazy headache.  And for some reason today it was exponentially worse.  Ugggh!

I’ve taken some pain killers to get rid of it, but nothing has worked yet.  I’ve also tried things like eating a little more (healthy foods only) and drinking more water (which I’m already doing like crazy because of nursing my sweet boy).  I tried caffeine and chocolate.  Nothing has worked.  Have you ever heard of rubbing a lime on your head to get rid of headaches?  I know how that sounds because I was once on the other side of that question.  Natural headache remedy

I heard somewhere to try it and I was glad I had a few limes just hanging out in my fridge today.  I practically ripped that lime open once I remembered this supposed remedy and rubbed that bad boy all over my forehead.  At first the lime felt great because it was so cool on my head.  So, I was still skeptical, but I kept rubbing it on there for about three minutes.  I figured if nothing else, it felt good for that three minutes.

I am now a believer in the lime remedy.  My headache is gone, which is a whole lot to say since earlier today I could barely keep my eyes open because of how severely it ached.  I don’t know who first thought to rub a lime on their head when it was aching, but to that person I am completely grateful…and also to God, of course, for giving limes such wonderful healing properties!


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