Raised Garden Beds – Part 2

I’m probably way to excited about my second raised garden being put in this past week.  But for two reasons:  1.  We have another fantastic place to grow some tasty, organic veggies.  and 2.  My wonderful husband did the entire thing without me even asking him to do it.  He made time, got all the supplies, worked on the project, and included the girls.  Color me impressed, Sir!  Let me just reiterate, without me asking him to do it.  And not one complaint came from him (in my direction anyway) and it was crazy hot and humid this week!  What a sweetie pie. building raised garden beds

By the way, as I write this, I have an incredibly cute 7 week old little guy on my lap.  He’s cooing and looking at the lamp and smiling…I tell ya, this sweet boy has this Mama wrapped around his chubby little finger.  And while we are on the subject of him, he’s also the reason why my posts have become fewer each week.  But he’s a wonderful reason!clearing the groundteaching kids to garden


Okay back to the garden.  Not as cute, but still important!  gardening with kids


building a raised cedar garden bed

Our next planting season here in Florida is in September, which means this garden arrived just in time for me to start my seedlings.  Our first garden was planted after the first planting season this year (February to March).  The sun usually gets so intense in the summer that the plants die off.  Except for a few, like okra, peppers, and a couple others.  I planted anyway, just to see how things would go.  Things have grown beautifully so far!  It’s great encouragement for the fall planting season.  I also appreciate this “practice season” as I like to call it.  It gave us a good idea of what needs to go where and which plants hog up all the sunshine and keep other plants from growing.  🙂 shoveling dirt into the garden

buying dirt wholesale

I hope your garden is growing well and your table is full.raised cedar garden beds


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