Blast Off!

Last week my dad and his lovely wifey came to visit.  We had the best time!  The kids love their Gramps and Oma and couldn’t get enough of them.  We did something fun every day they were here including a trip to the Kennedy Space Center.  Our trip just so happened to fall on a day when a rocket launch was scheduled…one of the coolest things to see by far.  rocket launch DSC_0337

kennedy space centerThis was our first visit to the Kennedy Space Center.  It was very educational and packed with several days worth of exhibits and educational experiences.

baby wearimg

That’s right, fellow mamas.  Nursing while baby wearing in that picture up there.  It’s so convenient and it sure kept my little guy happy for most of our trip, although I was pretty hot (July in Florida 😉 ). Sometime soon (hopefully) I’ll share my nursing cover tutorial.  It’s pretty easy to follow, although I need to brush up on the how to since it’s been years since I’ve made them.  My little Willow was just a baby when I put that one together.  Ahh, they grow so fast!!!  Moving on before I get weepy…

Here is the Rocket Garden, which is exactly as it sounds.  🙂  Turns out they don’t sell rocket seeds at this space center.


One of my favorite exhibits was Atlantis.  From the movie they show to the interactive stuff afterward, this was a super cool exhibit.  And the actual shuttle is hanging in the building, which was pretty cool to stand next to.  That bad boy has been in space 26 times (or thereabouts).
DSC_0413 DSC_0435 DSC_0410 DSC_0412
Willow and Gramps have reentered the Earth’s atmosphere and are coming in for a landing!  Welcome home!DSC_0430DSC_0417

And the Imax experiences are always fun.  It was Willow’s first time seeing a 3D movie.  She got so into it that she almost grabbed the head of the lady in front of her.  Pretty funny.  ISS Imax

Space center and science center field trips were always my favorite when I was in school.  They have such great interactive experiences and I always learned so much.  A part of me always came home wanting to be an astronaut, however, the not-so-good-at-math part of me always brought the astronaut part back down to Earth.  But I know my smart little ladies and ‘gent could do it.  Just gotta get NASA to reestablish those shuttle launches!


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