How to Grow a Pineapple Plant

A few days ago, I shared my not so extensive knowledge on regrowing lettuce.  Another fantastic plant that can be easily regrown is the pineapple!  I didn’t know either!!!  It’s so very easy.

how to grow a pineapple plant

Here is the three step process:

1.  Cut off the top of your pineapple.

pineapple top

2.  Break off the parts surrounding the leaves.

DSC_0198 replanting a pineapple

3.  Put it in the ground.

pineapple top

Once it takes root and grows 18″ to 2 feet, check down in the center of the leaves every now and then and keep watch for your new pineapple!  You will want to water this little guy a lot!  It takes a lot of water to grow a pineapple, so keep your plant happy and healthy.DSC_0201DSC_0186


Check out Laelia’s shiner. 😦 Poor little lady slid into a wall while running around the house like the two year old that she is. Lotsa tears and kisses.

I had read about growing pineapple plants and discovered that it can take 10 years for each plant to produce a pineapple.  I’m here to tell you, my friends that it doesn’t take nearly that long!  Our plant produced within the first two years…and oh my!  So yummy!  homegrown pineapple DSC_0194

P.S. Raccoons also love pineapples and apparently swipe many that are just about ripe.  So be on the lookout for these bandits and harvest your pineapples before they do!homegrown pineapple


5 thoughts on “How to Grow a Pineapple Plant

  1. oh! nice to know this, two years is better than waiting 10 years for them to grow 🙂
    thanks for letting us know, I showed it to my husband and we thought it would’ve been more complicated:-)

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