Growing Lettuce

Here is a super easy way to plant lettuce and get fast results!  When you get a head of lettuce at the farmer’s market, grocery store, or wherever you get your lettuce, cut the lettuce leaves away from the stem.  But rather than throwing that stem right into the composter, place it in a small bowl of water on your kitchen counter.  Give it just a couple days and new leaves will begin to sprout (Did you know that Chloe means little green shoot?  We like to point out all the Chloes we find).  Let it sprout for a couple days and you should see it shoot up rather quickly.  Make sure to change out the water so it doesn’t get mucky.  After a few days, plant it in your garden.  Ours grew six inches in just a few days.  We go through a lot of lettuce, so this method has been great for us to get a lot more out of one head of lettuce.  Happy sprouting!  DSC_0490
DSC_0489 DSC_0488DSC_0492

And check out our giant cucumber!  🙂  Can’t wait until this big boy is ready.  Yum!


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