Gifts for Daddy

Sunday was a fabulous day for Daddy.  It was his first Father’s Day with all four of his babies, so that was special for him.  He woke up to pancakes and coffee, followed by a couple of games the girls and I put together for him.

father's day game,

It was nice to devote so much time to making his day special.  He is such a gift to our family.  I’m so thankful that God put such a special man in our lives.  He does so much for us every day and always puts us first.  I’m sure you have a daddy in your life like this too.  Ours builds and fixes things, provides for our family, plays with his babies…a lot!, takes his family to church, and fills in all the gaps when I am not at my best. I know there are a bazillion things I’m missing here that he does, but most importantly, he loves us all so much!DSC_0130 DSC_0216 DSC_0218

The first game we put together was just as much fun to prep as it was to execute.  The girls and I made 12 envelopes out of colorful card stock.  We numbered each envelope and the four of us each took three random envelopes to fill for with special things for their daddy.  They colored and planned and had a fabulous time doing it.  The goal of the game was for him to draw a number between 1 and 12 and choose the envelopes this way to “unlock” all of his gifts.  The gifts were anything from pictures they colored to candy.DSC_0128

In one of the envelopes we planned a scavenger hunt for him to find a present that we made for him.  Scott had to decipher riddles to find the clues to lead him to his present, which he of course loved because it was all about his babies.  This man definitely deserves more than a day devoted to him…more like the entire year.  You know, when you marry someone and haven’t experienced life with them yet, you really never know what you are getting into.  You can imagine what it will be like of course, but that really is nothing compared to living it together.  I am so grateful that he exceeds every hope of what I wished for my children to have as a father.  We are beyond blessed by him.We Love You Daddy gift


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