Happy Birthday, Reed!

Our new little guy is finally here!  And he is completely precious…Reed Alexander arrived Wednesday night after 93 minutes of labor at 8:33 pm into a tub of warm water in our living room.  Through hypnobirthing techniques we learned, we were able to have a nice, peaceful beginning to Reed’s sweet new life.  Here is a peek into one of the most emotion filled moments that we’ve shared together.   (Before you get uncomfortable, I am wearing a swim suit 🙂 )DSC_0097

This birth was so unlike that of any of our other children.  They were all born in hospitals under the bright lights and busyness that coincides with hospital births.  Reed’s birth story was one that I know we will cherish forever–not that we don’t cherish the births of our other children, but this was something that both Scott and I could experience together as a birthing team in a very different way.

The home birth experience is really amazing (as long as there are no complications, of course, and we were blessed with a complication-free birth) and I definitely recommend it to everyone who is able to do it!  The help and support of an experienced midwife was an incredible addition to this moment and all those leading up to it.  We are so grateful that she could be such an integral part of Reed’s birth (although she tells me she did nothing).  Sometimes the biggest thing someone can do is be there and just let you be, although she was spot on at anticipating exactly what I needed in the moment.  I was even able to catch him as he was born, something I have always wanted to do!



And even if you can’t do it at home, hypnobirthing makes the entire birthing experience a million times easier, faster, and much more comfortable.  It also gives your spouse a bigger, much more involved role to play–one that is key to making hypnobirthing successful.  And also one that allows you both to experience birth differently and more fully.DSC_0103




Our wonderful midwife, Angie Love, holding sweet Reed.


7 pounds!



Our girls stayed with Grammy and Pappy while Reed made his way into the world.  So, when they brought them home, the girls made a bee line for their new baby brother.  It is unbelievable how much they love him.  They talked about it all day today and did everything they could to touch him as much as possible.  It is so much fun to see them all together.  They are each so amazing and so loving and, despite having some “grabby” moments, really try to be gentle and helpful little ladies.  If I let them, they would sit and hold him all day–especially Chloe.DSC_0214

Scott says Reed will never have to think for himself since he will always have one or all of his sisters to tell him what to do…he’s probably right about that.

Being at home has also given our family bonding the chance to take place so much sooner.  Although it can be hectic at times and hard for them to understand when Reed and I need time to ourselves, it has been so much fun watching their relationships with him start already.  Such a fun way to add someone new to our family.


We are blessed beyond words to have four beautiful, loving children!  We are so grateful for this wonderful new person God has entrusted to us.  Reed is so loved by so many people, and we are so thankful for all those special people that God has placed in his life already.  How amazing it is to come into a world where you are surrounded by so much love and affection!  And Reed himself is such a beautiful gift and treasure for sure.  It’s incredible how much you can love someone…and how much you can love four little someones (and their daddy).  🙂

Daddy is completely in love with his new little guy.  And although he said he didn’t care if we had all girls or if a boy got into the mix somehow, I’m pretty sure he’s happy to have a little more testosterone in the house.  It’s not an even ratio, but it’ll probably make the teen years a little easier on him. 😉  They can escape the drama together.  Happy Father’s Day!



14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Reed!

    • He is beautiful. Congratulations to both of you. I know grandma Tricia is in love as she was with the three little girls and all the other grandchildren. I hope and pray that he is blessed throughout his life with great health and I know he will always have loving parents and family to support him and both of you.

      Denise Rhea

  1. Christy, what a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing!! Congratulations on your beautiful son!! Enjoy the new (and continuing) journey your are on. Parenthood is cannot be described – just enjoyed and cherished!

  2. Christy,
    Congrats on your beautiful baby boy!! So glad to hear that everything went smooth for you and the baby. We all can’t wait to meet him!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics.

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