Weaving with Nature

Lately, we’ve been taking a lot of walks.  We find so many beautiful things as we go.  Today we decided to bring some of that beauty home with us and weave it in a loom (that we would also make).  The girls gathered lots of flowers and grasses and leaves and sticks and carried them back to our house.  We then spent some time in our garden, gathering flowers to add to our anticipated nature project, which, because of some rain, we moved indoors.DSC_0894

DSC_0887 DSC_0886

We started by making a frame out of some sticks.  After a practice run, I decided to give our frame a bit more support by adding some hot glue to the joints of the frame, then I wrapped the adjoining pieces with twine on one and yarn on the other.  I found that yarn worked best for this.  It’s stretchier and it can be pulled much tighter than twine, which is definitely important for this project.

Then we wrapped the frame that we made with some yarn until it was ready for weaving!  DSC_0884DSC_0883

I think this could be good for many ages, but Chloe (6) really got into the weaving part of this.  She had proudly collected so many things on our nature walk.  And when it came time to weave them into her loom, she was very excited.  Willow (4) did some and then decided she was done.  Her favorite part was the nature walk and exploring.  She loves the adventure part the most. DSC_0885DSC_0889DSC_0892

This is such a great project for summer time!  Get out there and immerse yourself  the beauty all around you.  God made so many wonderful things for us to enjoy!DSC_0894


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