{Master Bedroom Redo} Step 4 – A Space for Baby

All of our children, with the exception of Chloe because she snored loudly as a baby, spent at least a year sharing our bedroom.  Willow was in our room for one year, Laelia, for two years.  Now with this new little guy joining us very soon, he needed his own little space.  And because he’s the only boy I wanted to make sure it was decorated for him.  I lightly decorated the baby area in our previous bedrooms when the girls were with in us, but this time I thought it would be appropriate for him to have his own “space.”  So, he has a wall.  I always thought that if I had a boy, I’d decorate his room in a cowboy theme.  It is so easy to pull off and very inexpensive!

cowboy nursery

Now, also with this “Room Reveal” I will share the baby’s name.  I don’t think I’ve posted about that before.  All of our children are named after plants, as you probably already know.  Same goes for this little guy.  It helps us remember that the important things in life are in the simple, most organic parts of our world–the things that God made for us to enjoy.

Chloe wanted her brother’s name to be either Jacob or Hay….we thought Hay was going a bit overboard on the plant-named-children theme we have going on here.  But we did agree on Reed.  While Chloe was very disappointed at not getting to choose the name (she cried in her room for about a half hour one day), she came around soon enough.

I could say that this is my favorite part of the wall.  It’s the part that I always pictured whenever I thought of a little boy’s room.  But to be honest, I love every part of this wall equally….but a lasso at the end of your name written in rope is pretty cool.  This was very easy to do!  The rope was flimsy, so my mom helped by wrapping some wire around the rope for me.  Then I laid it flat and molded each letter and wired it together before hanging it.  A lasso just seemed like a sensible way to finish it off 🙂how to make a rope name banner

I am so thankful for great friends!  My wonderful friend, Carrie, made this fabulous bunting for my baby shower and it transferred perfectly as part of the cowboy decor…thanks, Carrie!  Also from my shower, came the cowboy sign over the door. Super cute!bandanna bunting

Carrie also made this absolutely beautiful quilt for his crib.  It is just amazing!  I love every piece of fabric in it and the wonderful hands that made it!  We will treasure it forever.  🙂homemade cowboy quilt

Also on his crib, is the bed skirt.  I sewed this using 6 bandannas.  I alternated red and blue, sewed them together, and hemmed a place for the rod to go through at the top.  I used a shower curtain rod to attach it to the bed.  So easy! bandanna crib skirthow to make a bandanna crib skirt

This next part is so cute.  If you are familiar with a lot of the Melissa and Doug wooden food kits, then you know they come with a wooden tray, which my girls use as a corral for their ponies.  Scott cut one in half, put brackets on it, and voila!  It became two fantastic cowboy themed shelves for Reed’s wall.  The rocking horses on top were made by Scott’s Grandpa when Scott was a baby.

horseshoe hooks

The hooks beneath I LOVE!  Scott picked them up at Hobby Lobby for only $3 each!  I couldn’t find them online for cheaper than $7, with $10 in shipping.  I have a new found love for Hobby Lobby.  I used the same rope that I used for the name over Reed’s crib for this bunch of rope hanging on the hook, and the other hook has Scott’s cowboy hat hanging on it.  how to make a corral shelf

The dresser belonged to my great aunt.  Scott refinished it, gave it new handles, and added some feet to the bottom.  I topped it with a burlap dresser scarf that I still need to shorten a little.  I haven’t figured out what to put on top yet, but I think a cow spotted piggy bank would do the trick!refinished dresser

The cradle was mine from when I was a baby–made for me by my Grandpa.  I hope to never part with it, although I’m sure I’ll be happy to give it to my own grandbabies one day.

And one last look….oh and something I love as equally as this room…the cost!  Because of the gifts we received, hand made items, and hand-me-downs, the cost of this wall for me to put together was $18.00!cowboy bedroom


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