{Master Bedroom Redo} Step 3 – The White

This week has been filled with the joys of painting…but also with a stomach virus in our house.  The room had been kind of put on standby for a few days, but now we are back on track!  Of course I gratefully accepted help from my brilliant little butterflies who happily threw on Daddy’s t-shirts and got to work painting.  I have also learned from this painting session that it is much easier to give each child 10 minutes of individual painting time than to give three children 10 minutes of simultaneous painting time.  It makes for a happier experience and a happier mama.  So, we tried it both ways.  DSC_0540

DSC_0541 DSC_0537Scott and I finished up the rest of the walls.  Three coats of white!  It’s worth it though.  It created such a peaceful atmosphere, combined with the soft blue for the ceiling.  Note my to do list on the mirror.  🙂
DSC_0564 DSC_0563And now is time for the  fun part…decorating.  After the clean up of course.  My favorite part of working on a room is putting it back together and then finding new ways to tie in all the plans and ideas that will bring my vision alive.  This room is especially fun because it’s the master bedroom.  Every other room in the house has to do with someone else.  And while the baby is in going to be in our room and does get his own wall, the rest of the room is just about Scott and me.  It has already been a lot of fun figuring out changes we want to make and tossing around decorating ideas.  We have gone with a relaxing spa theme for our room, but it’s also got a bit of a beach kick to it.  And the ideas have been pouring in for how to decorate!  DSC_0561


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