{Master Bedroom Redo} Step 2 – The Blue

I am so excited about painting!  I have been imagining this room for a while now.  We waited to paint until the kids were in bed, which is usually how Scott likes to do it.  Although since they are a little older for this particular project, it may have been okay to paint while they were awake.  However, today (all day) I got to sit in on a fabulous online Waldorf homeschooling expo, featuring 14 of the top educators in Waldorf Education.  I am becoming quite the dork for this and am now psyched more than I have been (if possible) and geared up for preparing our upcoming school year’s lesson plans!  Tomorrow is the last day and I can’t wait to hear more…but, back to paint. DSC_0529


After seven years, we have a painting routine.  Scott does the roller and I cut it in, although you will not find any pictures of me with a brush in my hand for this post.  Maybe the next one.  🙂  DSC_0531 DSC_0536

The ceiling in the bedroom and part of the bathroom will be blue and the walls, white.  For the rest of the bathroom, the walls will be blue and the ceiling will stay white.  Eventually the doors will be painted a light gray/pewter color, but that will be a couple months I’m sure.  For now, I’ll be more than happy with this as it is so much better than yellow contractor paint that is impossible to clean.  Plus, it brings a little bit of relaxation into my sanctuary.  DSC_0535 DSC_0534


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