{Master Bedroom Redo} Step 1 – Prepping the Walls

It’s finally time!!!  I am so excited about redoing the master bedroom.  It’s always the last room to get done.  We are going for a spa feel…mama’s room of relaxation is more of what it will be.  So far, we’ve added the wooden shutters to the sliding glass doors, made over the night stands, and added an extra bed due to all the people who wind up sleeping with us at night.

So, here’s the starting off point:



This week, I started patching the walls and sanding them.

DSC_0331You may be thinking, “My that is quite a lot of spackle on the walls, Christy!”  And you’d be right.  The problem with buying a house that has been flipped is that, chances are, it has a lot of areas, especially walls that were done poorly.  Paint drips, patched walls that weren’t sanded before being painted, painting over dusty walls…this room has all of those spectacular qualities that a couple hours with an electric sander worked wonders on.  DSC_0332

So that is the first day!  It’s also my least favorite part of redoing a room because of the crazy mess that all that dust makes.  And I’m so glad it’s over with!  Today’s dusty mess took about 90 minutes to clean…not too bad!


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