When’s Children’s Day?

Fun fact: Did you know that next year marks the 100th anniversary for Mother’s Day?  I don’t know where I read this, but it’s apparently true.  This week we’ve all been sick with fevers and colds, which has kept us inside a bit.  We’ve worked on gifts for the mothers in our family, which has sparked a question, “When’s Children’s Day?”  “Well, Chloe,” I answered.  “Every day is Children’s Day.”  She thought that was a crazy concept.  Then we told her what makes every day children’s day and why days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are so special.DSC_0319

Today my family has made me feel very special, despite almost everyone feeling sick.  This cold is really hanging on for dear life!  I received a very fine and one of a kind picture of myself as a cheerleader, made by my whole family.  Unique gifts are the most splendid of all.


I picked out what I wanted for breakfast a couple days ago and this morning I made the most amazing stuffed french toast ever.  Ever!DSC_0298DSC_0296

Now, normally I wouldn’t focus posts on food that I ate on a certain day because it’s a little weird to share each thing that you ate that day (I think, anyway).  But I’m pregnant.  So this is happening.  Aaaand, I’ll also be more than happy to share the recipes for these fine foods later on.  And trust me, you’re going to want them because they are some super delicious treats. Okay, so lunch.  Mmmm….lunch. Pepperoni Stromboli baked right in my oven.  For some reason this whole pregnancy has made me crave Stromboli.  It’s the only thing I actually crave.  And If I gave in to this fantastic craving as much as I had it, I’d be as big as a house.  Self restraint is a wonderful thing.  So is salad.  All that followed by Chinese food for dinner…a wonderful treat.DSC_0311 DSC_0305

We didn’t do anything extraordinary on this Mother’s Day.  But sometimes having my family focus on me as the one who usually takes care of all the details is a really nice thing.  They all made their beds and Willow did such a good job that you would’ve thought a maid came in and did the job for her.  That bed was perfect.  Chloe helped vacuum and steam the floors.  They set the table nicely without complaining or arguing.  There was a minimal amount of bickering, and what bickering there was I can completely blame on being sick.  You can tell when it’s just sleepy, sick stuff and when it’s meanness or spitefulness toward one another.  Other than wishing my family would feel better, I’d say today was just about perfect.  🙂DSC_0304


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