Gifts for the Mamas

This week, we’ve spent some time making gifts for my mother and for Scott’s.  The girls helped me with cards and things.  I spent some time with some canvas and paint, making a gift for Scott’s mama.  Our mothers are so very special.  They are both amazing grandmothers to our children and I’m so happy to have their influence in our children’s lives.  The love that they share is unconditional and abundant.  They make these kids feel so special each and every time they’re around them.  Of course, the traditional spoiling does happen, but that’s what makes time with the grandmothers so unique.  DSC_0274This accordion style card we made for my stepmom.  The girls helped with each detail.  🙂

Each gift giving occasion for my mother includes a personal time of anguish for me.  I can never think of a gift that is special enough for my mother.  And not because she makes it seem that way, but because I do.  And each time I make any mention of gifts for her she says, “Just get me shoe box stuff” (for the Operation Christmas Child shoe box drive).  Each time I find something else to get or make for her instead.  This year, I did a little of both.  I don’t have a picture to share of her gift, but I did mail her a box of shoe box stuff and a little something for her.  🙂  The girls also included a couple things for Nana.  DSC_0269 DSC_0273And for Scott’s mom, I found a fantastic idea on Etsy.  This woman embroiders pillows in a similar way to how I did this painting.  Her pillows were really beautiful and while I’d love to do something like that, I have not yet tackled embroidery.  One day maybe.  DSC_0284DSC_0287


I like this so much I’m going to make one for our family as well.  I think it needs a nice frame too.  🙂DSC_0290



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