Little Rider

Chloe is my active little lady.  She loves to get out and be a part of sports and activities. Last year, we found out that she has joint sublaxation, which means that her joints (mainly hips) pop out randomly.  It’s not painful at her age and she knows how to pop them back in when they come out.  She gets it from her mama and her sisters have it too.  But after going to a genetic specialist we found out that this is pretty rare (although it’s pretty funny that, since I grew up with it, I thought it was pretty normal and didn’t realize that other people’s shoulders don’t just pop out of joint when they lift their arms certain ways.  Seriously, I thought that until recently.  It’s funny what you go through life thinking is normal).  The doctor told us that although having this condition makes you extremely flexible, to keep the girls away from sports that involve running or gymnastics…just about everything since it will worsen their condition over time.  Except, swimming and horseback riding!  Those are so fun!  So, we asked Chloe which she wanted to try first and she said horseback riding.DSC_0108

DSC_0130She’s been riding since March and just loves it!  Riding and swimming are actually supposed to help strengthen the muscles around the hip joints, which should help keep her hips in place.  I hope it helps!  Apparently there is no solution to the problem at this point.  But she is enjoying her “therapy,” which would be awesome if it was covered under health insurance, but no such luck.  😉DSC_0126 DSC_0140 DSC_0136


2 thoughts on “Little Rider

  1. How are you and Chloe? I hope you guys are doing OK… I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis when I was 17 due to overweight… I had physical therapy but didn’t do any good, so I switched to stem cell treatment with my ortho surgeon, Dr Purita. The treatment went fine, other than fever I had for two days, I can say that it was successful. No more joint pains for me since then.. I am just hoping that the beneficial effect will last longer. It is good to know that little Chloe is active in sports.. she might not be eligible for stem cell treatment or physical therapy now, but at least, sports can help her muscles and joints. I wish you all be well.

    • Wow! I never thought of the stem cell treatment for her joints, but it makes so much sense. I just told my hubby about it and we are going to talk to the geneticist about it next time we go. We are all doing great right now, but definitely need to keep trying to figure out how to treat this. Thanks so much for asking about us and for sharing your story! 🙂

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