During my sabbatical

In the last week and a half, I have not written anything.  I always look forward to writing.  It’s a wonderful outlet for me since so much of my time is devoted to the wonderful people in my life.  However, it has come to my attention via my growing belly, that our newest family member is coming soon.  Very soon, in fact.  In this realization, I began to go over the many things I wanted to get done before he makes his appearance.  So, with that in mind, I decided to devote a lot of time to getting done these projects.  Plus, homeschooling and all that…

So, here’s what’s been happening over here.  I finally finished sewing the dresses for my three lovely ladies.  They all love their dresses and want to wear them all the time.  DSC_0274

Our bedroom is getting a makeover and the spackling has begun!  I can’t even wait for that to be done.  DSC_0280 DSC_0279

In our bedroom will sleep our new little baby boy.  His “room” or wall, to be exact, is going to be decorated in a cowboy theme.  I finished sewing his bed skirt.  DSC_0281Initially I was going to sew bandanna bunting for the walls, but my wonderful friend, Carrie, did that for my baby shower decorations and then gave them to me afterward, so I didn’t even have to do that!  Thanks, Carrie!  DSC_0282

We finished some sewing projects with the girls, including a kitty Chloe had been wanting to sew and some prayer flags (which still need to be filled in, but are finally put together).  All three girls helped with the sewing.  Sweet little hands.  DSC_0278DSC_0277

The garage is organized (for the most part)…yay!  My garden is done.  And after a few fun church projects, I’m taking the afternoon to relax….ahhhh….

This week, our pool will be getting redone.  A fiberglass pool with a concrete coating on top = the need to redo it.  So, Scott will be draining it and patching it and repainting it and refilling it.  I say this week, but with rain and such it may take a few weeks to complete.  It’ll be nice to have it looking fabulous finally!


2 thoughts on “During my sabbatical

  1. This post reminded me of our new house that we just got and all of the things I have began to do this week to prepare for it. I have been looking forward to decorating my own place for quite some time now and I can’t wait to get started! I have already made a table out of a pallet by painted it and screwing wheels to the bottom for easy movement. Your projects such as sewing the dresses — which are adorable by the way, and the remodeling of the bedroom caught my eye and inspire me to keep doing more things for the house! Good luck with everything and I wish you well when your new arrival comes! I hope you complete all of the things you need to accomplish before he comes! Best wishes!

    • Thank you! I have been wanting to play around with pallets. I bet your table is cute. Do you have a link to it? I’d love to see! I’m glad to have inspired you. I love when I’m inspired and then I get a ton of things done that I’ve been wanting to do! Share links when you get done if you can. 🙂

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