{My Handy Hubby} From Mountain Man to Mohawk Scott

Scott and his friends are having a beard growing contest.  Every week they post pictures of themselves and their progress.  Scott is in the lead so far, but the contest ends in May (something I am looking forward to).  I’m not opposed to beards.  But Scott is turning into a mountain man.  At first he looked normal…64296_10151378770847075_1001595517_n (1)

But then…oh but then he had to start wearing headbands to keep his super shaggy hair out of his face (only at home though).  Things were starting to get crazy.  So, he asked me to shave his head, which I thought was a bit drastic.  I could’ve just given him a trim to keep it out of his face, but it is starting to get warmer around here and I’m sure he’ll appreciate things being a little lighter up there.  Plus, it’s his hair so sure!  I’ll shave it off….but first…21008_10151402062047075_18244033_nI cut it into a mohawk and we did a little photoshoot that we call Mohawk Scott (who happens to be separate from regular Scott).  DSC_0179

Here is Mohawk Scott as a juvenile delinquent, taking swings from children.DSC_0175 DSC_0173

And here is mohawk Scott as a responsible dad in a minivan…DSC_0169

and reading stories to sweet little girls…DSC_0165

and my favorite picture, which he didn’t want to do, but he kindly let me pose him and take this picture.  DSC_0193

I love his blue eyes.  The mohawk is gone now, but the beard remains.  And so it will until May 1.  🙂  The girls and I miss snuggling up to his smooth face.


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