April Fools! Love, Chloe

Okay, you may have seen this one here and there.  We’re trying to teach Chloe (our little jokester) about practical jokes–and the difference between hurtful and super funny.  So we checked out some ideas on pinterest.  Her favorite turned out to be brownies….mmm….brownies.  She worked hard on them, my little worker bee.  She got the paper, traced some Es, cut them out, and planned her attack.  That’s my girl.  Here’s her getting Nana, who was told that this was Chloe’s first time baking a batch of brownies all by herself and that she couldn’t wait for Nana to try them (Nana loves brownies).  DSC_0143DSC_0144DSC_0145DSC_0148

Look!  She even got a plate and a knife!  So funny.  DSC_0155


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