Decorating for Easter…better late than never!

In the last couple days my crafty side came peeking through.  It’s been hiding for a couple months now.  I blame the pregnancy because it’s really not like me to avoid my sewing machine or anything else creative.  Especially my camera.  But it happened.  In that time I have organized the heck out of things though.  Our garage is getting closer to being finished along with closets and cabinets.  I am focused on projects right now.  Like the big ones that involve Scott.

But like I said, I found a ray of craftiness shining through this week.  Our Easter/spring decorations are lacking to say the least.  I am very picky about the decor for this holiday because I want it to remain focused on Jesus and not that silly bunny and I’m working for next year that will take me a while to put together, but for now I have put together a couple of things I want to share with you.  By the way, I do realize that it is right before Easter and I’m super last minute on this, but that’s okay, right?  DSC_0005

I came up with a simple idea for our table.  P.S.  I LOVE BURLAP.  Like it’s nobody’s business I love it.  With that out of the way, check out this table runner.  For great tips on cutting burlap, click here.  This sheer green fabric with sequins was given to me by my mom. I layered that in there for a little difference in textures and for some pizzazz.

I pulled some spanish moss from some nearby trees and created a nest inside of this lantern (which I got for $2 at a garage sale last year).  Toss in a few wooden eggs (which the girls helped me paint using water colors) and this project is complete!  DSC_0007

Okay and for my second addition to our spring time decor, I put this banner together.  I’ll show you how I did it this coming week (hopefully).  And since it’s only the beginning of spring, fortunately it’s still fitting.  DSC_0004

And there ya have it!  Fingers crossed that I continue to feel creatively motivated!  🙂


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