A quiet moment

In the morning, I try to get up a little earlier than everyone else to prepare for the day. Otherwise, I feel grumpy when they bombard me first thing with their complaints of hunger and wanting to play games and read books…and when I say first thing, I do mean before my eyes have even opened. I’m sure many of you have or do experience this too! On this particular morning that I thought I would share with you, I had gotten up a half hour earlier than everyone else (heavenly!) to have a quiet time and a little moment to myself. This is so difficult to achieve–not because I can’t wake up early, but because I am usually snuggled so closely by children that I can’t get out of bed without waking them up, which would definitely defeat the purpose of my early rising. Chloe came in after I was good and awake and said, “How are you the very best mom in the whole world?” Naturally I thought she was kidding, but she was so serious. Of course a six year old isn’t that sarcastic yet (fortunately). And she was sure to tell me that she was serious. She went on to tell me that I can make and do anything and how can I do all that? I’m going to log that away to savor during her teen years when I am fully capable of the wrongs that I am unquestionably unable to do during this stage of her life. There are so many moments in my time as a mother that I feel so inadequate and that I’m not the mama they wish I was (not that they have another one to compare me too, but ya know). This was a moment that made me smile and made me happy that she’s happy. After all, that’s one of the goals, right? 😉


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