A Baking Party

As my children love to do, Chloe chose a theme for her birthday party this year.  She dreams of becoming a baker and a chef when she grows up.  She has already designed her restaurant and chosen what food she’ll serve her guests.  She’s quite precious.  On baking day, she’s in our kitchen the entire time.  She would make dinner any night I asked her to (yes, at just 6 years old).  So, a baking party was not a surprise for a theme, although she was tossing around fishing.  There is no end to the activities she wants to do.  She’s quite ambitious.

Red, blue, and pink became the colors for the party and after that, everything fell into place nicely.  It’s fun having her input on decorations and party activities now that she’s a bit older.  DSC_0316

DSC_0305We used cupcake wrappers to make our decorations.  This sign I got from I heart naptime.  There are a couple colors to choose from, but it was so very fortunate for our color scheme that she had this one on her site. I love subway art!DSC_0312DSC_0310What I was going for with the balloons was kind of an awning to a bakery…not sure how well that came across, but if nothing else, it brought our color scheme together.  🙂DSC_0320 DSC_0319 DSC_0318

I usually go overboard with tying everything together.  I feel like this time was a lot simpler…and easy for me.  And since her birthday fell in what turned out to accidentally be the busiest week of the last few months, it worked out nicely for all of us and ended up being a ton of fun to prepare for as a family (I prefer that over stressful planning of course).

Chloe had a little craft corner where they all made baker’s hats together.  So easy! All you need is poster board, tissue paper, and some cupcake wrappers (if you want to do a sweet little cupcake wrapper flower) and a stapler, tape, and glue.  You could also give them markers or glitter and glue to decorate the poster board before putting the hat together.  I opted for a less messy route since I was dealing with kids ages 2-10 and needed a very structured craft.DSC_0329 DSC_0335 DSC_0343DSC_0322

The kids’ favors were aprons that I sewed.  They were very easy to make once I figured out what I was going to do.  They all had to be very similar and they all had to use fabric and supplies I already had.  That was my criteria.  Oh, and of course fit the color scheme.  😉DSC_0308DSC_0309DSC_0358

Such cuties.  They had such a good time with their hats and seemed to love the aprons.  And they had to have both in order to do the next part of the party…decorate their own cakes!  DSC_0325DSC_0414

Why yes, this did turn out to be extremely messy.  Willow ended up just piping frosting directly into her mouth.  I was on wash cloth duty and made sure things were kept slightly clean.  Emphasis on slightly.  And the next day, after having cleaned the table twice, there was still a fabulous frosting film on the table…but that’s to be expected when so much fun is being had.DSC_0385DSC_0409 DSC_0381DSC_0395The plan was for each family to share a cake.  I even had cake boxes all prepared so they could get all of that deliciousness out of here with ease.  It might shock you that no one’s family members wanted to eat their cake.  Go figure.  Maybe it was all just too delicious to handle.  DSC_0268DSC_0416DSC_0420



3 thoughts on “A Baking Party

  1. What a great party. I am impressed with how expertly each of the children decorated their cakes. I bet they were delicious!

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