Turning 6

Today my Chloe turned 6 years old.  It’s amazing how quickly those six years have gone by.  Chloe has always been a very bright girl.  She is so attentive to everything and doesn’t seem to miss any part of life as it goes whirling by us all.  I am always impressed by her desire to get involved in everything she can.  She wants to do it all–to experience everything that life has to offer.  DSC_0618
Chloe’s spirit is such a blessing.  She loves God.  She loves her family.  She loves her church.  She loves her friends.  And if you ask her to do something to help out someone else, she quickly rises to the occasion, and frequently sees the need before she is asked and does it.  She is absolutely precious.  Her helpful, loving heart and is reflected in all she does for her family.  We are so enormously blessed to have her in our lives.

DSC_0474This little lady is a treasure beyond words and I am grateful for each and every day that God has blessed us with her in our lives.  She is His precious daughter and I’m proud to have been chosen to be her mama.  We delight in Chloe daily and look forward to the amazing woman she is on the road to be and will one day become.

DSC_0468Happy Birthday, my lovely lady.




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