Valentine (or any occasion!) Scratch Off Tutorial

I tried something new this year for my little Valentines and for my big one as well.  I made them Valentine scratch offs.  It was so easy to do!  DSC_0427DSC_0437Here’s how to do it.  What you’ll need is:

  1. a white crayon
  2. silver acrylic paint (or another color.  gold is nice for this too)
  3. dish soap
  4. a paint brush
  5. a pen or marker

Start by making the form you want to use.  You can find a bunch online and I’m sure there are some for each occasion, not just Valentine’s Day.  Then, using your pen or marker, write in the space what the prize is that is to be uncovered after the recipient does the scratching.  Color the entire area that is to be scratched off with the white crayon.  Mix 2 parts paint and one part dish soap and cover the area with the mixture.  Allow it to dry for at least an hour before scratching off.  Easy peasy!  DSC_0453The rest of our Valentine’s Day was slow, but a lot of fun.  The girls got some candy and I got chocolate covered strawberries delivered to my door…and they were absolutely fabulous!



DSC_0450DSC_0446DSC_0443The day was kind of a chocolate overload, which is very abnormal.  At one point, we had to say “no more chocolate.”  Laelia was found sneaking some and was told she won’t be allowed to have any tomorrow because she didn’t obey.  To which my darling two year old replied, “Okay.  Can I go to Grammy’s house tomorrow?”  She’s no dummy!  Grammy is a sure fire way to a chocolate fix.  🙂


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