God’s Love Heart Banner

This year at church, I was in charge of making the Valentine craft with the kids.  I like for these crafts to be something the parents actually want to put out each year  to decorate with or at least don’t want to toss in the garbage can.  I found a couple different ideas and put them together to form this banner, which I did alter slightly for the kids to make.
DSC_0327This banner had two points of inspiration: The first came from many the ideas of hearts strung up on yarn or bias tape or anything else, which I saw all over the place.  The second came from a super cute coloring page, which I found here.  measuring_colorpgThis craft is super easy and I am going to kind of walk you through it, although I have to tell you that I didn’t get pictures of every step.   Eeek!  So, I’ve included for you, my super easy (hopefully) set of instructions and between those and altering to make it how you want it, your project will turn out to be a success!



  • 3 foam hearts
  • 2 heart doilies
  • 2 foam heart stickers
  • 3 rhinestones
  • 1-28” red yarn
  • 6-12” pieces of red yarn
  • 2-6” pieces of cord or white yarn
  • 2-12” pieces of ribbon
  • 1 measuring tape
  • 2 cards
  • 1 name card
  • 3 tiny foam hearts
  • Glue sticks
  • Tacky glue DSC_0031


  1. Decorate your foam hearts and punch holes in the top for tying to the measuring tape later on.DSC_0034
  2. Lace the heart with holes surrounding its edge with the 28” red yarn, tying the ends in a bow.  Glue the last rhinestone somewhere inside the heart.DSC_0032
  3. Cut the measuring tape in half (or make your garland longer by adding more hearts!).  Punch holes in your tape measure where your hearts, cards, and hanging loops will go.  I used a hole punch and it turned out great!
  4. Using the 6-12” pieces of yarn, tie the hearts to the measuring tape, with the laced heart in the center.  Be sure to leave room for the cards that go between the hearts (see next step).
  5. Using the 2-12” pieces of ribbon, tie the cards to the measuring tape. (“God’s love can’t be measured” goes on the left, between the first two hearts and “It goes on and on and on!” goes on the right between the second two hearts.)
  6. Using the 2-6” pieces of red yarn, tie loops to the ends of the measuring tape.DSC_0328DSC_0334Happy Valentine’s Day!!



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