Chloe’s little kitty

For her birthday last year, Chloe’s Aunt Season gave her the cut outs for two stuffed kitties.  Season has made several of these for our girls and the girls LOVE them to the point where they fight over them frequently and have made them the source of contention between them many times over.  DSC_0161


If you don’t know already, the girls love to sew on the machine.  LOVE. TO. SEW.  Just like their mama.  So, Season gave Chloe the fabric for the kitties all cut out and ready, including having them pinned and instructions written out for us.  It took us a while to get to it, but we finally did!DSC_0163


Chloe + Sewing + Kitties = a Happy Girl 🙂DSC_0167


Thank you, Season!  We have one more to do and have recently moved our sewing days to Thursdays.  I think kitty #2 will be her project this week.  I am so proud of how well Chloe and Willow do at the sewing machine.  It’s such a great skill to have and I hope they continue with it as they grow up.  It adds such a nice area of versatility to being self sufficient!  DSC_0171DSC_0183

Ahhh yes!  I forgot to tell you her name!  I’d like to introduce you to Chloe’s new kitty, Season!




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