{My Handy Hubby} Scott’s DIY Bed

I don’t know how many times I’ve posted about the really awesome things Scott has built.  There are so many things he’s done that I have yet to post about.  I’ve decided to make a page entitled, “My Handy Hubby” that is dedicated just to him and the things he does for us.  Today, he built a bed.  DSC_0410

You may recall my post, “The Evolution of the Ferguson Sleepers.”  Well, we have evolved once more in this area.  So, to sum up, for those not in the know, we have kind of a family bed situation.  The girls go to sleep in their own beds, but trickle into our room between 10:00 and midnight.  It gets so cramped in our room that we had to do something (Seriously, check out the link for the sleeping post up there.  You’ll get where I’m coming from).  For Laelia’s birthday, my mom got her a new mattress (on the floor in the picture, on the other side of the queen bed).  We had a spring left over from a day bed that fell apart and was irreparable, unless we were soldering masters, which we were not and still are not.  But I wanted to keep the spring from it to make a bed when we would later need it.  We also have a part from another bed which will later become the headboard, but not quite yet.  DSC_0402

What we needed was to raise up the twin mattress that you can see on the floor in the picture up there, so that it was level with the rest of the bed (and sturdy for the wee jumpers–despite my reprimands).  So, today Scott built it!  I must tell you, there is not a bed in the entire world that is more sturdy than this bed.  It’s like a rock!  Take that Chevy.  DSC_0401DSC_0399DSC_0411

The two shorter pieces of wood (on either end) are actually some we had lying around…one is a piece of wood I found on the beach and the other is from a pallet that we have in our garage waiting to be used for something fabulous (other than this bed, it’ll be a while).DSC_0412

DSC_0413DSC_0415And that is the first step in our bedroom rejuvenation, including new bedding, rugs, paint, headboard (yeah, he’s going to have to make that too)… I. Can’t. Wait.   I am hoping to begin the rest of it very, very soon, but it all depends on Scott’s work load.  🙂  For now, we are all happy for the extra sleeping space!


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