Tea Party

There are little treasures everywhere you turn when it comes to motherhood.  I love when I am busy around the house and I hear the girls in the other room playing happily.  Laelia’s favorite thing to do is sing–usually “Puff the Magic Dragon” or “Once Upon a Dream” from Sleeping Beauty.  She sings most of the time while she’s moving and playing.  Willow and Chloe are so close.  They are typically immersed in their wonderful world of make believe, where they become puppies or ponies or babies (these days especially).  But a couple days ago, while I was making dinner I heard Chloe exclaim, “Oh my, Willow!  What a wonderful tea party you made.  And I can’t believe how quickly you put it together!” For the next 30 minutes they ran back and forth from the playroom to the living room, bringing in more things and friends to join their party on a blanket I’ve had since I was a baby.  There are so many moments that I find absolutely fantastic, and this is on the list.  If you are a mother of little girls, you probably understand these sweet moments.  I never had a sister, but I used to imagine I did.  My girls are experiencing those moments that I used to imagine having, although I did enjoy many fine moments with my wonderful brother.  I’m so glad my girls have each other

DSC_0362DSC_0371DSC_0375 DSC_0376 DSC_0377


4 thoughts on “Tea Party

    • That’s just crazy! I can hardly believe that! What did you do instead? I mean there are dolls and things like that and of course playing outside and the magical world of make believe, but no tea parties? I’m sorry about that. Christine, if you are ever in Florida, you are certainly invited to one of our tea parties. 🙂

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