How am I feeling about having a boy?  Oh my goodness!  I can’t even stand it!  Every time I think about him, I get butterflies in my tummy…although it could just be him sensing that I’m thinking about him and him doing a little dance in there, but I’m pretty sure it’s me.  And don’t get me started on his precious little face.  Ya know what?  Yes.  I’m going to pretend he’s not numero quatro in line behind his three beautiful sisters (not to discount any one of them because I love them all!) and do the annoying fun thing that most mamas do when they are preggers with their very first baby and can’t help but grace bombard the world with all of their excitement.  Come on.  You’ve all done it in some way.  Here it comes…precious (albeit not straight and slightly distorted) ultrasound pictures that you have to figure out which blurry blob is which part of this new human’s little body.  But mama knows…because he’s my boy.  ultrasound pictureScan-003 Scan-005 Scan-001

And if you are familiar with my sweet little Willow, you might already notice a resemblance between this baby and her.  Especially in this last picture.  This looks just like her profile.  🙂  I just love it.  If you were here with me right now, you’d be able to see the heart bubbles going up from my head.  Swoon!


7 thoughts on “Swoon!

  1. That’s lovely! I remember when I first found out my second baby was a boy…it was such a wonderful feeling…and my OB was so happy and proud because he was the first baby boy she confirmed on her brand new (at that time) 3D ultrasound machine. So happy for you.

    Congratulations to you and your family!

    Warmest regards from the Philippines,

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