Resolutions have always been kind of funny to me.  I used to avoid them altogether because usually people don’t stick with them.  But as I’ve gotten older I’ve decided that other people’s actions should not determine mine (as much as can be helped with three little ladies who sometimes seem to run the day).  Last year, my New Year’s resolution was to learn how to knit and to learn to crochet better.  Mission accomplished!  And it felt great to learn something new.  I like the idea of making myself do something I’ve been wanting to do.  Which leads me to this book I read recently called Buddhism for Mothers by Sarah Napthali.

buddhism for mothersIf you know anything about me, you might think that me reading a book about Buddhism is crazy.  I’m a very devout Christian and Buddhism is never something that has interested me.  I’m still not looking to convert, but this book has some great techniques for meditating, which as you may or may not know, is very helpful for remaining calm in upsetting situations (which can sometimes accompany motherhood and children).  It also talks about keeping yourself focused on each moment throughout the day so you can be better equipped to tackle things that come about during the day.  Being focused in each moment can also help with another thing…time!  Both time that flies right by while our thoughts are elsewhere (as women we tend to multitask all day long, even if it’s just mentally planning ahead) and also the precious moments with those little faces that are looking at me all day long.  I want to make sure I’m focused not only on their needs, but also just focused on them.  Because time truly does go by too quickly and I’d hate to miss a single moment!

So, for my New Year’s resolution, I would like to be more deliberate with my thoughts and more disciplined in remaining focused in each moment of the day.  Sounds easy?  It’s so much harder than it sounds!  But it’s definitely worth it for me and my entire family.  It brings about a better quality of life for all of us and while I have read that it can actually take years to make this something that happens with little effort, I am going to give it a shot!  Happy New Years!



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