Post-Christmas Reminiscing

Merry Christmas to all of you!  I hope you had a beautiful day with your family, celebrating the birth of our Savior–and of course, sharing in some traditions made wonderful just by being with those you love.  We had a fantastic day!  As each child grows the fun of Christmas gets greater.DSC_0212

Our Christmas at HomeDSC_0216DSC_0220My little artist got a “how to draw” book.  DSC_0229DSC_0256Laelia and Willow both received crocheted ballerinas.  I purchased them from a fabulous lady on Etsy.  Please check her out when you have a chance!  She did a beautiful job and I received each of them (which I purchased separately) within 4 days of ordering!


Laelia got a piggy bank for Christmas.  She spent about 30 minutes putting money in it.  She spent the rest of the day thinking and talking about money…DSC_0259

Their new tent made by mama and daddy.  I found this fabulous, easy to follow tutorial hereDSC_0285DSC_0297DSC_0328DSC_0308Chloe had asked Santa for an ornament to replace one of mine that Willow broke and, go figure, he brought it for me!

Our Christmas at Grammy and Pappy’s HouseDSC_0334DSC_0395DSC_0375DSC_0420

Mama got a serger!  Woohoo!  I’m running out of room in my sewing/craft area.  I think it’s time for a craft room makeover!  😉

So, Christmas at the inlaw’s (whom I just love) involves lots of love and gifts, plenty of fellowship, and gifts of weaponry and Steelers stuff.  Last year, Scott got a gun he really wanted.  This year, a machete.  Rifles and cross bows were also given and then the men gathered on the lanai to check out each other’s handsome new arms.  DSC_0410DSC_0449

Do marshmallow shooters count as armory?  I think they do!DSC_0347DSC_0111

Chloe announced that these are the coolest marshmallow shooters she had ever seen.  I might be a little biased, but I think she’s right!


And a little Steelers fun for Pappy (that bad boy took me 10 hours to paint!).  DSC_0432

DSC_0504The afternoon was spent at home, playing with toys and making crafts (a gift from Gramps and Oma–Thanks, guys!!!)….and resting!   DSC_0529In the evening we gathered together with our extended family and had dinner and fellowship with one another.  We exchanged gifts, hugs, and enjoyed one another’s company.  It is so nice to see those we love who live so far away.  I hope your Christmas was special and filled with new memories of those you love!




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