Wrapping Gifts

We are just about finished readying our gifts!  The girls have been busily making presents for each other.  Chloe wrote Santa another letter, just to make sure he doesn’t forget her.  She also has a gift ready for him.  Yesterday, I grabbed all of our wrapping supplies and got the girls ready to wrap presents.  You really never know how this is going to go with little ones.  I thought I could come in the room and find that Willow had wrapped lamps and tables in tape.  She’s only four years old, so this really could have gone either way.

Each girl wrapped in a separate room so her sister wouldn’t see the gifts she had for her.  I went back and forth from room to room, checking on them and I was completely surprised when I checked on Willow.  She had four tiny little bells she was wrapping.  She had wrapped the first one when I returned, and I have to say, I don’t think I could have wrapped this bell much better myself.  DSC_0092DSC_0097DSC_0090DSC_0094

Then there was Chloe.  She’ll be six in a couple months, so I wasn’t worried about her.  She made sure every tiny edge of the paper had tape on it.  That package is wrapped!  Her sisters are going to have to work hard to open their gifts on Christmas morning!  But she did a fabulous job also.  DSC_0087DSC_0089

Laelia chose to do this for the majority of the afternoon.  Not sure why, but she perked up after a while (and after a few mini marshmallows).  DSC_0098In fact, the girls did such a good job, I started wondering why I hadn’t let them wrap all the gifts this year!  It’s not my favorite thing to do and I was hoping to try a “greener” method of wrapping as I had done last year with my reusable shopping gift bags.  But honestly, I am so tired from this new little baby who will be joining us in the summer that I just didn’t have it in me.  But I did have two left over rolls of wrapping paper that I bought 7 years ago after Christmas, so it worked out.  Anyway, I decided to let them wrap more presents, which they were excited to do!   DSC_0099

Willow figured out that after she got her paper folded (which she must have been watching her mama do, because she did it perfectly!) and ready to tape, it would slide apart as she got her piece of tape, so she found something to place on top to hold it in place while she got her tape.  I am digging all of this critical thinking!DSC_0106DSC_0109After a couple hours, they had finished and were completely happy and proud of their job well done.  And so was their mama.


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