cookie baking day

Traditions are so much fun, especially when they bring such a warm feeling to one’s soul.  Each year in the Ferguson family, we take one day during the Christmas season for the ladies in the family to get together and have a whole day to just bake cookies and fellowship.  And drink wine (I am of course exempt this year due to baby Fergie.  Next year!).  There are no kids and no men allowed at this most sacred event.  This year’s cookie baking day could not have come at a better time.  Scott just spent a week in another part of the country and while I am not normally the break needing kinda mama, this day was well deserved and very much needed.  There was some whining and sadness as I left, but the promise of dozens of delicious cookies awaited my sweet family upon my return and so they relinquished my legs and hands and allowed for my departure…eventually. DSC_0365 DSC_0366 DSC_0370

We each plan which cookie we will bake and bring our ingredients and kitchen supplies to my mother in law’s house where we each bake our own cookies–enough for several families to enjoy.  We work together, sharing the space and enjoying one another’s company.  The house is filled with music and laughter and as the afternoon progresses we each find ourselves relaxed and at least somewhat rejuvenated and ready to return to our families.  No one complains when I return that mama was gone for an entire afternoon and part of the evening.  They all race to see the beautifully decorated cookies and happily choose which one they will scarf down before bed time.   DSC_0371 DSC_0377 DSC_0375


2 thoughts on “cookie baking day

  1. It seems that chocolate was the theme. I can’t think of anything better. What a great idea to make it a kidless time! I call that a selfish day. I use that name with great pride, as everyone needs one now and again. What a fun idea.

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