All aglow

Is your home aglow?  Ours is!  Yesterday we spent the day decorating and making our home festive for the Christmas season.  We hung a mistletoe ball, which Chloe calls “kissletoe.”  Very appropriate I’d say.  Our house has been graced by the presence our Christmas tree, which this year has rainbow lights–chosen by Willow.  Memories in the form of ornaments were hung on each branch and the girls talked about each ornament as they found the perfect place for it–just like their mama.  The train encircles the bottom and has captivated the minds of three precious little ladies, who gazed in pure joy at it while it continually chugged around the tree last night (until of course, curiosity got the better of them and it was derailed).  We baked cookies and ate candy canes until it was time to say goodnight, even though some weren’t quite ready to abandon the festivities.  I do love this season.  There is an added excitement in their air as Christmas approaches and we are busily preparing our gifts for one another.  As the girls play, I’ve heard their toys talk to each other about the most special part of Christmas, Jesus’ birthday.  How precious that they can see the humble purpose through all the glamour and sparkle.DSC_0139DSC_0142DSC_0124DSC_0126DSC_0120DSC_0132DSC_0129DSC_0156DSC_0155


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