My Little Turkeys

Check out this post, featured this week on the DIY Dreamer!

We are always looking for a fun little craft in our house–something that each of my girls can do.  I stumbled across these super cute little turkeys in my search.  I wasn’t really looking for them at the time, just checking out all the fabulous Autumn and Thanksgiving decorating and feasting ideas that other brilliant people have put out there for all to see.  But I’m so glad I found them.  I love crafts that involve my favorite little dimpled hands and sweet, chubby piggies.  This craft includes both!

For this project, I used:

  1. white card stock
  2. washable paints
  3. water and wash cloth for quick clean up
  4. scissors
  5. elmers glue
  6. wiggly eyes
  7. an orange colored pencil or marker
  8. adorable little hands and feet to dip in the paint!

I dipped each of their feet in brown paint and did two footprints each.

Then, I did the same with their hands, in red, orange, and yellow paint.  So, for us, this project yielded 6 turkeys.

After letting the paint dry, we cut around all the hands and feet.  This project gets cuter and cuter with each step!

Okay, so cut them out and get ready to assemble your turkey!  For each turkey, we used one foot for the body.  The heal is the head and the toes are the feathers at the bottom of the turkey.  Next, use three hands, one in each color, as the plumage behind the turkey.  For ours, we used one hand from each girl to be the feathers.  They are little gifts for the grandparents this year and we wanted to make sure they each had a little bit of everyone.  Glue your feathers in place behind the turkey’s body.

Next, find a cute little helper to decorate the turkey.  Our turkeys are girls, so I shall henceforth refer to them as such.  Chloe did a great job giving the lady turkeys feet, wiggly eyes (with eye lashes of course.  They are girls after all.), and a beak (this is where the orange pencil or marker comes in).  On the back, we wrote each person’s name behind their hand so the grandparents will know whose foot and hand belongs to each precious owner, plus a little “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Some of the turkeys we get to hand out and some we will be mailing (check out how to make fun scrapbook paper envelopes, which are the perfect size for mailing these turkeys!).  Handing them out is my favorite because we get to hold onto them just a little bit longer than those I popped in the mail yesterday.  🙂 I also kept one for myself due to obvious reasons.  Enjoy!  And I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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