little elves

In our house, we can already feel a little bit of Christmas peeking through.  We are busily preparing our gifts.  Creative little minds are buzzing about what to make this year for friends and family.  The sewing machine has been humming.  There is fabric waiting to be sewn into capes for some special nieces and nephews.  Glue has been squirted and glitter sprinkled.

Chloe and I have been discussing what we plan to make this year and her ideas are just precious.  She is so thoughtful and it’s so much fun to see her giving spirit befriending her creative side.  Willow helps for a moment and then rushes off to the adventure she left behind while her curiosity brought her astray.  Laelia is usually right on my lap, helping me as I work.  With the exception of a few small things, we are making all of our gifts again this year.  I’m sure it will take us all of December to complete them, but it will be so much fun doing this together!  As much as it saddens me to see the babyness disappear in each child, I do love the new things they can do as they grow.  And working together to create is one of my favorite things to do with my girls (and they seem to love it too!).  


2 thoughts on “little elves

    • 🙂 I’m happy to inspire, although it is tough with kids to create each gift for each person on the list…you know I’m sure! It’s fun to involve them, but it does take quite a while. Have fun sewing!

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