Chloe Update

Okay!  So, thank you for all the prayers and well wishes for our family, especially for Chloe.  Late last night, Scott and I were talking and praying and educating ourselves on exactly what happens during the procedure.  I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed by all of the risks and feeling like it’s not a necessary surgery for her. The doctors have never made us feel like her condition warrants surgery.  She is on the cusp, and although we’ve had a few opinions about what to do, we were told in our last appointment with very credible doctors that we should do it.  So, we scheduled it.  After a lot of consideration and prayer we have decided to postpone the surgery until we can be completely sure she needs it.  We will get more opinions and if and when we are confident that it is in her best interest, we will go through with it.  If it was a part of her body that wasn’t so amazingly important for her entire functioning, we might have done it today.  But it is her heart.  And hearts are scary.  Especially when the heart belongs to your child.

Thank you so much for your prayers.  I could truly feel them last night as we were trying to decide what to do.  After we made our decision and called the hospital, I felt this wave of relief come over me.  It’s the first time I’ve felt a feeling of peace in the last couple weeks.  So, for now, we will just be sure to keep her as germ free as we can since illnesses can affect her differently.  She has a greater risk of infections to her lungs and heart with her condition and if she gets sick there is a possibility of it spreading there.  As risks go, we thought no surgery with this outcome was better than a possibly unnecessary surgery with the potential for such a vast amount of risks during and afterward.  I’ll keep you posted as we are on this journey!


One thought on “Chloe Update

  1. I too feel a deep sense of relief. Sometimes, the Holy Spirit tells us clearly what to do. I am so very grateful that you and Scott listened to what He was telling you.

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