oh precious heart

My biggest girl has been going through a ton of doctors appointments lately.  The verdict for my sweet lady is heart surgery (a procedure is what they call it).  It’s supposed to be a minor thing, but the heart is a scary thing, especially when someone you don’t know is operating on one that belongs to your baby.

Her heartbeat was the first thing I heard from Chloe–the first little sign that there was a precious new person coming into my life.  I remember thinking how strong and amazing it was.  And the first moment I saw her, of course I thought just how perfect she was.  It’s so hard to think that she’s been living with something that has been causing her heart work extra hard with every beat.

I have been going back and forth about my feelings about this.  I’ve had good moments and bad moments.  It’s a little overwhelming, but we have had a lot of support from friends and family for which we are very thankful.  I share all of this with you because we would love to have your prayers tomorrow as Chloe is going through this difficult day.  And, if you want to say a prayer for Mama and Daddy too, we’d appreciate it!



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