Sweet Willow

My dear, sweet Willow,

Today we celebrated you and your precious life.  We have been privileged to know you for 4 years and to be a part of your life.  There is no greater joy than that.  I am so thankful for the precious lady who has graced our lives.  Your gentle spirit is such a blessing to all you meet.  

You are so talented!  I love watching you dance your beautiful dances and sing your beautiful songs.  I love to hear your sweet voice as you play and create amazing adventures with your brilliant imagination.  Watching you play and immerse yourself in your thrilling world of make believe enriches my life every day.  

I love how you love your family!  Your sisters are so special to you and it is a blessing watching you play with them and take care of them.  You have so much love to share with everyone and I am thankful to be one of those people.  Your gentle manner is evident of your love for others.  

Every day I see you growing and changing.  Each moment brings something new and special for us to enjoy and be a part of.  I love how much you need to climb and explore and to feel the world with your hands.  You get so much fulfillment out of discovering our earth and experiencing adventures no matter where we go.  I am truly grateful for the time I get to spend with you–to snuggle with you, to laugh with you, to teach you, to experience your love and to give it back to you.

I’ll love you forever, my dear, sweet Willow.



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