Willow’s Birthday Dress

Willow’s birthday is rapidly approaching.  She’s going to be 4 next week, which is just crazy to me.  She’s always been my tiny little peanut.  This past year, she has blossomed tremendously inside and out and I am so enjoying getting to know this beautiful new side of her.

Each year for their birthdays, I make the girls a special dress.  This year, Willow and I were at the fabric store, as we call it, and she got to pick out the fabric for her dress, which made her extra excited about it.  I was planning to make a super frilly dress for my super girly girl.  But I found this crazy cute pillowcase dress tutorial that spoke to me.  So, with only one frill, but a cute little shoulder bow, her dress is finished.  She loves it!!!

pillowcase dress, pillowcase dress tutorial

Normally, I wait until their birthday to give them their dress, but I had to see what it looked like on her cute little form.  She also asked if she could wear it in the most precious voice and I just had to let her.  She’s so darling.pillowcase dress, pillowcase dress tutorial

I also realized that I never showed pictures of Laelia in her birthday dress last month, so I thought I’d include them.  What a sweetie pie!  two year birthday picturestwo year old portraitsbirthday dress Have you and your sewing machine bonded lately?  😉




2 thoughts on “Willow’s Birthday Dress

  1. I just LOVE the dresses you make! You are so talented!! Willow is going to be 4?? CRAZY!! Willow and Laelia both look precious in their dresses!

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