This week has been tough. Disappointment has stared me smack in the face. We all have those weeks from time to time.  However, in midst of the field of disappointment sprouted abundant blessings–my dear children are one of those blessings.

Laying in bed one night this week, Chloe was asleep and Willow was staring at the ceiling.  I had the privilege of witnessing this moment.  Willow sat up and leaned over to Chloe.  She rubbed her cheek so gently and said, “I love having you for my sister.”  She kissed her cheek where she had softly touched her before and lay back down.  

The next morning Willow was playing in their play room.  Apparently she had a toy that Chloe wanted and Chloe was upset with Willow, who hadn’t done anything wrong.  Chloe was laying next to me in bed and we could see Willow playing.  I told her what Willow had done the night before.  Chloe immediately threw off the covers, got down from the bed, and went over to Willow.  She lifted the hair that covered her ear and whispered something softly to her.  They smiled at each other and Chloe came back into bed with me.  I asked her what she said.  “I love being your sister,” she answered.

I am feeling extra grateful for the blessings in my life.  I have a wonderful husband who really is a treasure.  We have three beautiful children who create so much joy in my soul.  I have a best friend who knows just how to make me feel better when I’m sad.  Friends like her are oh-so special.

I have a fabulous family and a mother who I love so much (and who is coming for a visit next week!). We have a beautiful church family who encircles us with love at just the right moments.  And of course the God who reigns over us all.  I am so thankful for these people who have been strategically placed in my life and the blessings that abundantly flow from my relationship with each of them.


4 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. This is beautiful and I love that sweet sister moment-someday they will be the best of friends. I completely understand where you’re coming from as I’ve also had one of those weeks. In fact, I just put in my Friday 5 post that I’m working on focusing on the blessings instead of the problems. You’ve inspired me today! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

    • Thank you, Trinity! It’s nice to be able to see the sun through the rain. 🙂 I’m glad to have inspired you. Thank you so much for reading. Have a lovely weekend.

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