Night Stand Makeovers!

Well it took us forever a short time in the land of parents with 3 small children to refinish our night stands that Scott got at the thrift store.  He picked these up all by himself when he and his friend were thrifting together.

thrift store night stand, thrifting, diy night stand makeover

We scrubbed them.  By “we” I mean Scott did the scrubbing.

prepping furniture

Then he primed them.

We painted them blue to match the future scheme of our bedroom.

See the shoe boxes?  Shoe box packing season is upon us!  The girls were using them as drums, which is why they are all over the place.    

Here is what we had previously.  These were given to us by Scott’s grandparents when they no longer needed them.  They are the kind of night stands that hold a ton of stuff (although the only things in mine are cloth diapers and Laelia’s underwear) and when they open and close you can still smell exactly what Scott’s grandma’s house smelled like.  Nostalgia.

And here is the before picture of the new night stands.thrift store night stand, thrifting, diy night stand makeover

And here is what they look like now.

distressed furniture, diy distressed furniture


I love how they turned out.  We distressed them slightly, which brought out that great brown primer from underneath the blue paint.  We would have distressed them more, but Scott said that with all these children they will get distressed naturally in no time! Step one of the bedroom remodel done.  Check!

I was thinking the other day about the fantastic list of things I was planning to have accomplished and share with you this year.  I don’t think I’m very far through the list and we are in month 10!  Ahh well.  It’s still happening, just at homeschooling mother of three who also has a few paying and non-paying jobs on the side speed.  The good news is that we just finished our kitchen face lift, which I will share with you soon.  And the living room just needs two more things finished up to complete it’s redo.  🙂


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