Felt Board Autumn Tree

Felt boards!  Aren’t they fun!?  I used to love them when I was a kid.  My kids love them too although I find I need to keep it interesting.  They prefer their little wooden toys they can hold in their hands.  So, with the changing of the seasons I made some adjustments to their felt board.  I had made this tree trunk for them a while ago.  They can add a tree top or leave it like it is.

felt board tree trunkI used some of the leaves Chloe and I had made for our autumn leaf garland.fall garland, autumn garland, autumn leaf garland, felt board This added a fall palette to their felt board collection.  And here’s how that turned out.fall felt board, felt board, homemade felt boardExcuse the lint.  I can’t tell you how frequently I have to pick up these things off the floor, so they get carpet fibers and dust on them (I mean, no dust because my house is super clean at all times.  Ha!).  Okay so my leaves ended up being rather over sized, but it still works.  They seem to like it.  🙂




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