When you find yourselves waiting and waiting and waiting…

How do you keep your kids occupied in the doctor’s office?  We’ve been at the doctor a lot lately–a lot more than I’d ever want to be.  So, I’ve had to come up with ways to keep my kids from going bonkers while we’re waiting.  Usually the wait isn’t too long, but you never know.  And lately our appointments have been after a 2 hour car ride from our beloved tiny town to the big city docs.  Without a fault, the girls are antsy and ready to play when we get to these offices where they still have to keep quiet and be calm(ish).

During the first of our many visits this summer, I remembered that I had crayons in our bag.  What a better way to make use of the paper on the table, which they are going to dispose of after our visit anyway….enter the art canvas!   I wanted  to share this idea with all moms everywhere!  You can only play “I spy” so many times and I don’t know about you, but most doctors offices where we visit aren’t that colorful, so the game ends rather quickly.  Also, my disclaimer for this post:  my camera was that which is in my phone, so the pictures aren’t as clear this time.  They do the job though.  🙂how to keep kids entertained, waiting in the doctor's office, waiting



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