Welcome, Katie and the Tutu Sweet Boutique!

Welcome, Katie from the Tutu Sweet Boutique!

Katie is a designer and a seamstress who has a shop through Facebook.  Her dresses are absolutely amazing!  I asked her to tell us a little about herself, so please check out this very talented lady and her adorable shop.

dress boutique
Tell us a little bit about the Tutu Sweet Boutique and how you got started.

In April of 2011, I found myself in need of a job. But after running around town for weeks I couldn’t find anything. One night I was flipping through old photos and I saw all these dresses that my Grandmother had made for me when I was younger and I was just reminiscing on all the good times I had with my grandmother when I was little. This inspired me to ask my mom to teach me how to sew so I could my make my little girl, who was 2 at the time, a Christmas dress so one day she would have the same memories like I did growing up. It wasn’t too long after I started sewing that I really started to enjoy being able to sew and got the idea of trying to open my own little boutique page on Facebook to try and sell some of my dresses. Well it’s been over a year since then and I couldn’t thank God and my mom enough for leading me down this path. I am able to sew out of my own home and I make enough money to help pay the bills while doing something I enjoy.

little girls dress boutique

What do you love most about being a seamstress?

Being able to stay at home is one of the biggest things for me. It’s so sad that as mothers, fathers too, we have to work so much and we don’t get to spend as much time with our kids as we would like. Then before you know it you turn around and your little ones are all grown up. Being a seamstress lets me use my creativity which I do love, but I don’t love anything more than being able to stay home with my daughter and watching her grow as a person each and every day. Another thing that warms my heart, is like for this Halloween my daughter wanted to be a Princess. I asked her which one and she picked out Belle. So I got busy to making up a pattern for her and I spent over 18 hours at my sewing machine to make a dress for her. When she got to try on the dress and she saw herself in the mirror she ran to me and hugged my neck and told me “mommy I am a Princess! thank you thank you thank you!!”. Needless to say this melted my heart and that feeling at that moment that I was able to make her so happy was one of my favorite memories that I will always cherish.

Have you designed any of your own dresses or outfits?

Actually most of my dresses are designed by me with no patterns. Sometimes I like to mix and match Patterns to make something totally new and different or I just take a few measurements and dive head first into a project trying to make an outfit that has never been made before. I included some pictures below of my most favorite designs I created.

Do you have a favorite seamstress or designer?

I don’t really have one favorite seamstress but I do enjoy seeing other seamstresses work. Sewing is just like being an artist just using different materials than paint. The possibilities are always endless.

What product in your shop are you most excited about right now?

I have a bunch of new designs coming out for winter that haven’t been released yet. I am very excited for the new line.

Thank you so much, Katie!  Your designs are gorgeous!
Click the link below to visit Katie’s boutique!


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