Healthy snacks for growing girls

I frequently have inquiries from people wanting to know what we eat and what is in our refrigerator and pantry.  I thought I’d share a little bit about that.

I find myself in the kitchen for at least half of the day most days.  I love creating in the kitchen.  I enjoy working at the stove or chopping at the counter.  I find a lot of joy in my kitchen.  I have been trying to eliminate the snack requests I get from each little lady throughout the day–not because I don’t want to make them anything, but because it takes up so much time that I could spend doing other things with them or for them or just around the house.  I started making up their snacks in ball jars the night before.  They are always good, healthy snacks that they can just grab whenever they feel hungry.  We are pretty big fruit and veggie eaters, so I fill jars with fruit or applesauce and keep them all on the door of the refrigerator.

grab and go snacks, snacks for kids, easy snack ideas for kids, fruit snacks, ball jars, mason jars, what to do with mason jarsWe usually keep three shelves of prepared snacks on our refrigerator door at a time, 10 jars per shelf.  There are carrot sticks available when they need something crunchy and I always, always keep freshly baked bread sliced and ready for them where they can reach it. Self sufficiency is always a beautiful thing, especially with our children.

oranges, fruit, apples, grapes, watermelon

It does take some time to prepare the food all at once, but now I have it down to a system so it goes by pretty quickly.  Nutrition should always be pretty high on our lists of importance even when it takes more time than the convenience of the “grab and go’s,”and teaching this to our children should be an every day occurrence.  Whole, natural foods that require some effort and preparation are a good thing!  The girls help prepare their food too, although usually they eat half of it while we prepare it. 🙂

refrigerator door, snacks in the fridge, quick snack ideas


Today, I had the help of Laelia.  We made applesauce together today.  She’s been quite the assistant in the kitchen these days.  I am really enjoying her little hands helping me while I work.  She is ready to work like a big girl now and I am grateful for her desire to stand with me and learn…just like her sisters. homemade Applesauce, applesauce recipehomemade apple sause, apple sauce recipe



3 thoughts on “Healthy snacks for growing girls

  1. I’m glad I found this post. I’m moving towards doing this, too. Preparing the nutritious snacks in advance does take a lot more work than just picking up stuff from the stores but in the long-term the benefits will outweigh all that hard work 🙂 And yes involving the children during the prep time is such a wonderful blessing as well in so many ways.

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