Imagination can take us anywhere as I note on a daily basis while listening to the adventures my children are having.  One place I used to find myself when my thoughts would drift as a child, was on a beach in search of buried treasure.  My children find themselves there as well and recently they found themselves on a real treasure hunt on our favorite beach.beach, treasure hunt on the beach, treasure map

Scott drew a map and my mother “hid” it on a nearby island for my nephew to find. My mother took a while to plan this endeavor and came for a visit to us with a treasure chest and plenty of treasure to fill it.  She and my brother buried it on the beach, marked the spot with an X, and set up clues for the kids to follow to find it.

When they got to the beach, the kids excitedly scouted out the treasure.  They followed the the fish marked in the sand and found the X marking where their treasure was buried.  Then they dug together to get to it.  They were absolutely precious finding their treasure and it was so much fun being a part of their imaginations unfolding on their special adventure.

treasure chest, treasure hunt, looking for treasure, buried treasure, treasure hunt for kids, treasure map


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