Autumn Leaf Garland


We’ve been busily decorating our house with our fall decor.  Every year it gets more and more fun as my little helpers get old enough to take part in the changing of the seasonal decor.  Each one lends a hand as we get out the box of autumn things and decide where everything will go.  This year we decided to add a little more and make some autumn leaf garland.  I spent several nights last week cutting out leaves for our garland.  Then we worked together to sew the leaves together.  Chloe especially loved this.  She worked diligently to string them together and really enjoyed every minute of it.  It was really her first time working with a needle, other than sewing at the sewing machine.  I think we’ll add it to our weekly projects.

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We ended up making several strands of leaves.  You can get one of your own by entering a giveaway hosted by theDIYDreamer!  Click the link to visit this wonderful site and enter the giveaway, which includes this garland and 10 other wonderful prizes.

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