Welcome, Autumn Fairies!


Happy Autumn!  We’ve entered one of my favorite times of year and I’m so excited about it.  So excited in fact, that I’m itching to visit our family up North so we can experience the autumn season in true fashion.  Today we welcomed the Autumn Fairies by leaving them gifts of welcome.
waldorf, waldorf homeschooling, enki, enki homeschooling, The girls gathered acorns and oak leaves and branches and left them on a stump in our front yard (which had to be moved eventually because it rained a lot last night, but the fun was had).  They left them there to welcome the Autumn Fairies and hoped that they would catch a glimpse of them under some mushrooms.  They must be really good hiders because the girls have never gotten to see them.

They also made welcome cards for them.  Chloe included a dew drop on hers (in the middle).

In the morning the girls woke to find that the fairies had left them a thank you gift.  

Amazingly, the fairies had “fixed” the acorns.  They had reattached the hats onto the acorns using magical fairy glue.  They will make a great addition to the nature bowl on the girls’ table.  We spent the rest of the day making autumn decorations and baking.  Autumn in Florida is so different from a northern autumn, but I’m determined to make it feel as cozy and festive as if we were living in crisp autumn weather.  However, I do think a visit to the cooler states is rapidly approaching!


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